Nanotechnology in coatings

Nanoshield protects the useful life of industrial materials

With integral solutions and nanotechnology, Nanoshield coatings guarantee a long life to any type of material by making it waterproof.

Mexicali, B.C. – Aware that corrosion is one of the biggest problems in the industry and looking for a way to reduce the use of natural resources such as steel in the world, the Mexican Company Nanoshield has developed special coatings for the industrial sector through nanotechnology, an innovation that can reduce maintenance budgets of material in the industrial sector in the region.

Nanoshield CEO, Benjamín Herrera, informed that Nanoshield is a nanotechnology coating that repels moisture and water for industrial and commercial applications, specifically formulated to keep surfaces dry in highly corrosive environments due to moistures, water, acids, bases, salts or petroleum products. It is a fast-drying, colorless repellent that ensures adequate protection and changes in the appearance of the surfaces protected by the coating, he said.

This product of great technological advance in the area of coatings will be able to replace in the future the traditional materials such as epoxy resins and paints or will be complemented to offer an integral solution according to the needs.

Textile materials, any type of Steel, bodywork, glass or concrete, either inside or outside, could be some of the examples where Nanoshield could be applied, providing the materials with a protective layer that is invisible to the human eye.

He pointed out that the main characteristics of Nanoshield coatings are; anti-adherence, water resistance, easy application, resistance to chemical and high temperatures, which allows maintenance costs to be practically null or low. It also complies with official Mexican and Canadian standards and meets ISO quality standards.

He emphasized that each project is specialized, so a respective analysis of the problem in any area of the company must be carried out and once the problem has been identified, the specific solution must be provided, not without first carrying out a cleaning process or, if necessary, replacing the material and once applied, periodic visits will be made to offer a minimum guarantee of 5 years of protection.

He added that the Return Of Investment (ROI) with this new technology is two years or less, which will allow companies’ budgets to focus on other areas and not on the maintenance of their structures and materials.

To conclude, Nanoshield CEO commented that they are open to train their customers’ personnel, supervising and advising on the application of the product, and invited companies in the industrial sector to learn about this innovative product that will provide eternal life to their materials.


Dramatically enhance repellency to oils, greases, solvents and most liquids. They are nano-sized, easy to apply and effective solutions that can adhere to a wide range of surfaces.

They are ultra-thin from 5 to 25 microns, optically invisible for countless applications in different industries.


Our nanotechnology enhances the performance of almost any product through easy-to-apply coatings that can adhere to a wide range of surfaces.

Nanoshield has a wide variety of diverse surface coating technologies capable of functionalizing numerous types of substrates or surfaces to be highly hydrophobic. Nanoshield’s hydrophobic coatings and treatments are water repellent and offer numerous performance benefits and are ultra-thin (nanoscale). Optically invisible and highly durable, also acting as an anti-humidity, anti-salt and abrasion coating solution. Giving numerous functional advantages to surfaces in countless applications.

The contact angle measures what shape a liquid creates when it comes into contact with a solid. When the adhesion forces are very high the angle is less than 90° as the liquid is “attracted” to the solid and spreads out. In the case of water this is called hydrophilic surfaces. In the case that the forces of attraction are very low the surface will tend to “repel” the liquid and the angle will be greater than 90° and in this case the effect is hydrophobic. In the case of finding these behaviors very accentuated we will add the prefix “super” and we will have super hydrophobic surfaces with an angle greater than 120°.


Our anticorrosive coatings stop and inhibit the rust formation and corrosion on all types of metals and their alloys. They provide a moisture displacing film on the surface that prevents the formation of corrosive substances and the initiation of electrolytic reactions. It is excellent as protection in structures, tanks, pipes and other components that transport fluids.