efecto hidrofobico en tela

Our nanotechnology enhances the performance of almost any product through easy-to-apply coatings that can adhere to a wide range of surfaces.

Nanoshield has a wide variety of diverse surface coating technologies capable of functionalizing numerous types of substrates or surfaces to be highly hydrophobic. Nanoshield’s hydrophobic coatings and treatments are water repellent and offer numerous performance benefits and are ultra-thin (nanoscale). Optically invisible and highly durable, also acting as an anti-humidity, anti-salt and abrasion coating solution. Giving numerous functional advantages to surfaces in countless applications.

The contact angle measures what shape a liquid creates when it comes into contact with a solid. When the adhesion forces are very high the angle is less than 90° as the liquid is “attracted” to the solid and spreads out. In the case of water this is called hydrophilic surfaces. In the case that the forces of attraction are very low the surface will tend to “repel” the liquid and the angle will be greater than 90° and in this case the effect is hydrophobic. In the case of finding these behaviors very accentuated we will add the prefix “super” and we will have super hydrophobic surfaces with an angle greater than 120°.