Anticorrosive 3200 Series

The 3200 series provides an effective solution by creating anticorrosives for electronic components; forming an invisible barrier that allows passivation against aggressive agents. Without causing any interference in the operation of electronic equipment or alteration of the conductivity and resistivity values of the metal.


  • One component nano coating
  • Non-toxic nano coating
  • Contact angle 150º
  • Excellent hydrophobic properties
  • Transparent coating
  • Excellent adhesion and good abrasion resistance
  • Inhibits the initiation of electrolytic corrosion reactions
  • Unique UV properties
  • Excellent acid and alkali resistance
  • Resistant to highly saline environments
  • Anticorrosives for electronic components through the formation of an invisible barrier against aggressive agents

Electronic components, motherboards, electronic boards, connectors, electronic devices, electrical and electronic equipment for industry.

Prevents corrosion damage to electronic components and equipment.

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