Automotive Anticorrosive 7200 Series

carroceria de auto con efecto hidrofobico

The nanotechnology of the Automotive Anticorrosive 7200 series allows endless applications for the automotive industry, since metal is a very present element in the manufacturing and assembly process.

The automotive anticorrosive coating properties of this product provide an invisible nano ceramic coating with a hardness of up to 9H that protects against humidity and prevents corrosive effects, keeping surfaces in optimal conditions.


  • Hardness 9h
  • Excellent brightness and anti-scratch
  • Antioxidant, anti-corrosive, anti-flame
  • Works as a self-cleaning system
  • UV and IR protection
  • Maintains the perfect appearance of the paint
  • Super hydrophobic property higher than 120°
  • Automotive anticorrosive coating that keeps surfaces in optimal conditions

Commercial automotive, transportation, aviation, luxury applications, etc.

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