Waterproof 3100 Series

componente electrónico repelente al agua

Nanoshield offers a range of award-winning protective and nano conformal products for electronic boards that are widely used in the electronics industry to protect circuit boards from accidental water and total immersion with IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K protection. This development will make the electronic device repellent to water and other substances. It is easy to apply and more scalable than conformal coatings.


  • Improved device reliability due to protection of PCBs from water damage
  • From accidental submersion (IP66), water immersion for 30 minutes (IP67) to prolonged immersion (IP68)
  • Reduced product returns due to device failure
  • Reduces cost as no masking is required
  • Improve performance by allowing post-coating work
  • Can be applied by spraying, dispensing, jetting, film or dip coating, eliminating the need for costly vacuum deposition equipment.
  • Save energy compared to vacuum deposition process
  • Improve performance as it does not require batch production
  • Safe to use in the factory environment: non-toxic
  • Impact-free electrical connections: no change in signal strength, antenna or acoustic performance
  • Flexible encapsulants and masking resist cracking/stripping
  • High temperature resistance from 50°C to 375°C
  • Electronic devices repellent of water or other liquid substances because of its nanocoating

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