Peeling 7600 Series

The 7600 series features removable or temporary coatings that when completely dry are water and solvent resistant with excellent acid and alkali resistance, creating a removable protection for industrial materials. They act as a long-lasting temporary mask that protects against scratches in clear or color presentations. ApplicationsVehicles, equipment to be protected during transportation, furniture decoration,Continue reading “Peeling 7600 Series”

Aluminum 7500 Series

The 7500 series is an easy to apply, specialized nanocoating for aluminum and it’s alloy surfaces with unique UV stability, hydrophobic properties and an anti-scratch protection for aluminum. This coating excels in both indoor and outdoor applications. It preserves the true appearance of aluminum while protecting against oxidation. ApplicationsPipes, fuel tanks, equipment and furniture, transportation,Continue reading “Aluminum 7500 Series”

Anti-graffiti 7400 Series

The 7400 series creates a non-stick surface that repels graffiti from spray paint and permanent markers creating an antigraffiti protection. This coating does not require cleaning with solvents or abrasives, simple pressure washing with water does the job easily. It is applied in one layer and dries quickly. ApplicationsWalls, transportation, furniture, decoration, etc. For moreContinue reading “Anti-graffiti 7400 Series”

Industrial Anticorrosive 7300 Series

The nanocoatings of the Industrial Autocorrosive 7300 series allow endless applications in various industries, such as: aerospace, construction, medical, electronics, etc. The industrial anticorrosive properties of this series protect against the oxidations of various metals and prevent the corrosive effects, keeping the surfaces in optimum condition. It works as a transparent or colored anticorrosive primerContinue reading “Industrial Anticorrosive 7300 Series”

Metal Protection 7100 Series

The Metal Protection 7100 series coatings are used in applications to create an anticorrosive protection for metals, such as: structures, chassis, metal parts, construction metals, aerospace and others. The anticorrosive properties of our products protect metallic materials against humidity, salinity, acidity, alkalinity and highly corrosive environments either indoors or outdoors such as structures and equipmentContinue reading “Metal Protection 7100 Series”