Anticorrosive 3200 Series

The 3200 series provides an effective solution by creating anticorrosives for electronic components; forming an invisible barrier that allows passivation against aggressive agents. Without causing any interference in the operation of electronic equipment or alteration of the conductivity and resistivity values of the metal. ApplicationsElectronic components, motherboards, electronic boards, connectors, electronic devices, electrical and electronicContinue reading “Anticorrosive 3200 Series”

Waterproof 3100 Series

Nanoshield offers a range of award-winning protective and nano conformal products for electronic boards that are widely used in the electronics industry to protect circuit boards from accidental water and total immersion with IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K protection. This development will make the electronic device repellent to water and other substances. It is easyContinue reading “Waterproof 3100 Series”