Oleophobic liquid screen protector

The 4300 series nano coatings are hydrophobic and oleophobic liquid protectors for screens, creating an anti-scratch protection for smartphone screens. Our nanotechnology allows repelling of any substance, such as: water, oil, grease, acids and alkalis, making it a long lasting self-cleaning system, avoiding corrosion of the treated materials.  Its anti-fingerprint coating repels grease produced byContinue reading “Oleophobic liquid screen protector”

Anti-fingerprint coating

The anti-fingerprint coating for touchscreens and glass is an oleophobic liquid that when applied to said materials, it protects at the nano metric level and creates an invisible layer that repels dirt and the usual grease marks produced by the skin of our fingers TypeSuper hydrophobic and anti-fingerprint self-cleaning nano-fluoro silicon polymer material Typical propertiesTransparentContinue reading “Anti-fingerprint coating”